This Page tracks identified issues in application that need to be solved


ReportedEnvironmentIdentified Bug
Required Action

"NOMKT" error code in login is not managedNeed to redirect inside a Webview to
must pass countryState & Email in URL parameters 
March-9thWorker"EXPIRED" is not a login error codeNeed to manage "EXPIRED" in all other APIS and when this occurs force redirect to Logout/Login.
March-16thWorkerShared Variables (latlng) not updated (on auto-login)Make sure that latlng is always updated on login. Geolocation is required to use the app.
March-16thClientImgURL is not being updated with newRequestNeed to send array of URL images to API (newRequest) on submission
March-20thWorkerDefault Images for Avatar & DocumentID are Transparent so it's hard to know what to click on to changeNeed to add a default image to click on to upload documents & avatar on worker Setup 


Required Action
March-8thWorker"PutCategories" using excessive queries to update catIDsReplace catID from string value to array value to pass multiple (API updated)
March-8thWorker"newUser" not Auto Logging inInclude Market Selection in Registration form, pass parameter as countryState and read token returned from API
March-12thWorkerSetup for other Apps (colors & font)Map JSON style file with Login Page
March-16thWorker/ClientForm validation error messages in English
Use lang Variable to change. Example "wrong email in Login Screen".
March-20thWorker/ClientMissing Logout on Temporal Home. Unable to add other users or test appPlease add a temporal logout button on top right of temporal home page.