The following are critical tests associated to the posting of a new Request

First stage is category select (after click on create New Request)
3.2.1CategoryOnly one option, on tap move to Location View with selected option
3.3.1LocationCurrent GeoLocation is selected by default
GeoLocation does reverse Geocode to display address (onload/onchange)
3.3.3LocationUser can use input box to complete address (autocomplete happens)
3.3.4LocationWhen autocomplete address is selected address label is updated
3.3.5LocationUser can move marker to define location (geocode updates on drag)
3.3.6LocationWhen marker stops moving selected address label is updated
3.3.7LocationWhen click on Continue, flow moves to Description View
3.4.1DescriptionUser is able to capture description in multirows with Max/Min Lengths
3.4.2DescriptionUser can optionally upload Multiples photos
3.4.3DescriptionUser can delete or reorder photos
3.4.4DescriptionWhen click on Continue, flow moves to Submit View
3.5.1Submitrequest Type options are displayed only when market setup is true
(select, packs, inquiry, assistance, regular)
3.5.2SubmitWhen post, if error occurs alerts user and returns to Submit  (ie. Badwords)
3.5.3SubmitWhen post, if successful then move to Waiting View
3.5.4SubmitCheck for Websocket ("New") message on Eligible Worker App
Map appears with Waiting Countdown ticking from 10mins
3.6.2WaitingFlashes of Available Experts display on map (cosmetic driver with real coords)
3.6.3WaitingIf Countdown reaches Zero with no workerAccepts, then view with worker select is shown (and previous request cancelled)
3.6.4WaitingIf App is Cancelled, error message appears and user is redirected to Submit
3.6.5WaitingIf workerAccept (socket) is received then move to Work in progress View
3.6.6WaitingIf worker cancels request before any workerAccept a new Socket (delete) msg is sent and option in worker app disappears.
3.7.1SelectView with worker select shows more information associated to the worker (reviews)
3.7.2SelectIf Client Select worker a new request is created ("S" type)
3.8.1PushPush notification is received when request is created and app is closed. On click it opens for worker on Opportunities screen
3.8.2SocketSocket notification is received when request is crated and app is open. Displayed on worker opportunity. (next milestone)