Following on the same principles, here are the most important checks for worker initialisation.

If first time and no worker categories in DB, worker category appears
2.2.1CategoryAllow selection of maximum MaxCats categories
2.2.2CategoryWhen finished saving categories  moves to Identity Page
If Identity Status doesn't have a status of 1=submitted or 2=approved, show Identity form capture to upload front/back images
2.3.2IdentityImage Picker has basic manipulation tools for crop, resize and rotate
2.3.3IdentityWhen Both Identity Images are Uploaded move to Avatar Page
2.4.1AvatarIf Avatar is not Defined force Capture
2.4.2AvatarWhen Avatar is defined move back to Home
2.1.2HomeIf any initialisation is missing show initialisation page. (Category, Identity, Avatar). This could happen if user dropped out at mid process.
2.1.3HomeIf initialisation is complete then show New Opportunities view (if no activeReq is set)
2.1.4HomeIf initialisation is complete then show Active Request screen (if worker is currently engaged with a job)