User Story Acceptance Criteria - Only core functional specifications are listed but apps should always be generally tested for cosmetic, form input-value validations, spelling, performance, cross-compatibility, transitions and other general UX concerns aswell. 

IDViewTest Case
SplashSplash Screen Appears. It is different for each mode "worker" and "client"
1.1.2SplashIf first time, user gets prompted to accept Push Notifications
1.1.3SplashIf first time, user gets prompted to accept GeoLocation. 
1.1.4SplashAuto-Login works when previous login has happened1.
1.1.5SplashIf GeoLocation is not accepted/acquired error message and loop
LoginLogin view appears after splash
1.2.2LoginFailed Login properly displays an error message
1.2.3LoginSuccessful Login redirects to "Home"
1.2.4LoginClick on Password recovery opens password recovery view
1.2.5LoginClick on Register opens new account view
1.2.6LoginIf first time, market selection value defaults to closest geolocation option
1.2.7LoginIf Returning, market selection value defaults to previous login market selection
1.2.8LoginClick on Market Selection (CountryState) opens market selection 
1.2.9LoginUpon Login, user last location & deviceID are updated in database
1.3.1MarketMarket Selection has grouped Country/State options
1.3.2MarketWhen a group option expands the others collapse.
1.3.3MarketWhen selected, returns selected value to login form
1.3.4MarketSelected State Option is expanded and visibly selected when view opens
RegisterFailed Registration returns an error alert (example: duplicate account)
1.3.6RegisterSuccessful Registration return does an automatic Login
PasswordPassword Recovery View sends email when submitted and redirects to Login
1.5.1LogoutIf forced logout, stored variables are cleaned and user can view Login view again