"action" : "meProfile",
"tokenid : "$tokenid",
"mode" : "worker" 

Replace $tokenid with the token you get from login service.

Getting the Worker or Expert Profile helps define the operational variables for "Soy Experto" (I am Expert/Worker) app. It includes everything needed to render information or enforce rules, information returned is:

ID of partner company that recruited the expert, only applicable with batch uploads, helps identify "company-related" workers vs independent. Default (0)
Name of the partner company. Default (manoexperta)
Logo of the partner company
expertNameYESName of the expert, can be a commercial name or an Alias, by default it takes the first name
expertAvatarYESImage or Avatar for Expert Profile
expertPushMsgYEStrue/false - When false, expert should NOT receive push notifications
expertDocUrlYESFull qualified URL to the document of Identity, front side, when available
expertDocUrl2YESFull qualified URL to the document of Identity, back side, when available
Document of Identity backend/ops validation status. 0 = not submitted or declined, 1 = submitted, pending review, 2 = approved
expertBankDocYESFull qualified URL to the document that proofs ownership of bank account
Bank Account (for payouts) backend/ops validation status. 0 = not submitted or declined, 1 = submitted, pending review, 2 = approved
expertBankClabeYESthe actual Bank Account Number (for payouts). In Mexico it is Clabe, but for other countries/markets same field is used
expertBankIdYESBankID from Catalog for Bank Account
firstNameYESWorker first name
lastNameYESWorker last name
mobileYESWorker mobile phone number
emailYESWorker registered email address
true/false, When false, expert should NOT receive mails (optout)
array of categories registered for this worker
Maximum number of Categories allowed based on profile
Maximum range of kms allowed to apply/list for an opportunity
Maximum number of job/work opportunities expert can apply to p/month
Maximum number of predefined packs that worker can create
expertActiveYEStrue/false - Is Used as a flag for a worker to temporarily not receive/view/list in job opportunities. It is a flag set by worker as "off-line". Should work for chat aswell.
expertShowInListYEStrue/false - Is used to determine whether an expert should be listed as an option for clients to hire directly (without application)
A very important value. if it is different from "0" it means that the worker is currently engaged in an active Job and cannot take another one. Should be redirected to the activeJob page to finish it first. The number represents the ID of the active Request, else it will be 0
true/false - if True the worker upgraded from a freemium to a payment plan which should have increased "max" vars.
Date in which current subscription plan will expire/renew.
Array of last 3 registered devices for push notifications. Includes platform, mode and ID. Ordered from newest to oldest
Array of all channels or sockets that Worker should listen/post to messages based on the MktHandle or CountryState. Messages help notify about new opportunities or actions related to a current job so that UI refreshes.

internal unique userid, this value is key and helps identify the account.
Helps you know if the expert (as a user) is Blocked in the system. When False, the user won't be able to use the system.
Array with all historic requests, contains id, reqType and isOwner (true if client, false if hired worker)
Array with all historic requests that have been rejected by the worker
Structure with performance related information. "jobsThisMonth", "starsThisMonth", "evalsThisMonth" refers to number of won jobs this month, average rating and total number of ratings.
expertLastLat & expertLastLng
The latitude & longitude of the last location reported to backend for worker. Used to calculate distance to job request.
Decimal (4,3) - Average Rating on Star-Scale (1-5)
Count of Official Evals that result in expertStars average

Worker Profile Update (PUT*)

If you wish to update directly a variable in the Worker Profile, you simply need to call the putProfile action with the worker mode and all of the fields that you want to modify for that user, for example:

"action" : "putProfile",
"tokenid : "$tokenid",
"mode" : "worker", 
"expertAvatar" : "{URL.png}",
"expertName" : "Speedy Smith"

Please note that not all fields can be updated directly through this service. Just the ones with a (*) marker next to them in the table above. Also, please be aware that some fields will require additional validation and might not be updated when you request because of a failed validation. Usually, these are values associated to catalogs or to specific data types. If you see that a value is not being updated please review the errorcode and your source data, or verify with support that the field is not locked at backend because of data governance. All other fields will be updated.

Please remember that key fields such as IdentityDocuments and BankDocuments will automatically change the validationStatus flag to 1 (submitted not reviewed)

PRO-TIP! You can  update any client/user field from Worker put mode, but not vice versa. Workers are also Users but not all users are workers. (these fields are already listed in this table)