A valid token is required to use most of the APIS. Tokens can be obtained by submitting user credentials to our generic endpoint. Tokens have a duration of 180mins of inactivity, so whenever a token is used to consume an API the token expiration timer starts again. Tokens are completely random and unique UUIDs that should be stored locally until expired, and then a new login will help obtain a new token. Each login resets any previous token.

"action" : "doLogin",
"email" : "John.doe@domain.com",
"pass" : "5F4DCC3B5AA765D61D8327DEB882CF99",
"countryState" : "MX,CMX",
"mode" : "worker",

Important notes:

  • mode can be either "worker" or "client", based on the app or user mode you need.
  • Password should be Hashed (MD5), this is different to the B64 of when the account was created
  • countryState is the same as mktHandle, it should be a valid/active item from "getMarkets"
  • ActivationMail is triggered upon first successful login.

If Successful, you will receive a response with a token structure and a token value.

"data" :
     "expiry":"2021-02-12 23:54",

Else you can receive one of the following error codes:

BLOCKEDWhen the account has been suspended by us
NONEWhen the email account is not registered
INVALIDWhen the supplied credentials are invalid
MKTHANDLEWhen the market is required and not supplied
NOMKTWhen the selected market is not operational
EXPIREDcomes from OTHER apis, when trying to use token which is expired

Password Recovery

In order to send a mail to the user with its password, simply follow this example with a valid email and mode

"action" : "getPassword",
"mode" : "worker",
"email" : "John.doe@mail.com"