The very minimum needed to create a new account is shown in this example

"action" : "newUser",
"firstName" : "John",
"lastName" : "Doe",
"mobile" : "+521234567890",
"email" : "",
"pass" : "cGFzc3dvcmQ=v",
"mode" : "worker"

Please consider that validation for all fields must be done at frontend, backend does not validate in order to accommodate market variations. Remember that: 

  • a Valid email is required as unique key, 
  • mobiles can be duplicated but should comply with E.164 standards and 
  • password should be converted to Base64 to prevent sending info in clear text.

You will get specific error exceptions (errorcode) from newUser API in the following cases:

DUPLICATEWhen there is already an account registered with this email for this appID

Note: Just as with other actions such as Login, you can also add shared variables in this request.

Latest Update

To enhance user experience we have added the ability to automatically login after a new account is created. For this to happen you need to add countryState as an argument (details can be found in doLogin API). If you do you will receive a token on the response. If you don't, you will only get the new UserID.

      "expiry":"2021-03-08 00:55",