The very minimum needed to create a new account is shown in this example

"action" : "newUser",
"firstName" : "John",
"lastName" : "Doe",
"mobile" : "+521234567890",
"email" : "",
"pass" : "cGFzc3dvcmQ=v",
"mode" : "worker"

Please consider that validation for all fields must be done at frontend, backend does not validate in order to accommodate market variations. Remember that: 

  • a Valid email is required as unique key, 
  • mobiles can be duplicated but should comply with E.164 standards and 
  • password should be converted to Base64 to prevent sending info in clear text.

You will get specific error exceptions (errorcode) from newUser API in the following cases:

DUPLICATEWhen there is already an account registered with this email for this appID

Note: Just as with other actions such as Login, you can also add shared variables in this request.